Just connect the second router with an Ethernet cable and make sure the dhcp is disabled. This will assign a static ip to the secondary router.

Can I add a second cable modem to my residential plan Apr 06, 2010 Adding an additional unit to your TP-Link Deco network 1. Tap [+] on Deco app to add a new Deco unit. 2. Select the Deco icon according to the model number of your Deco unit. 3. Select the layout that looks like your home, tap “Next”. 4. Power on the new Deco unit and wait for the LED turn to pulsing blue, then tap “Deco’s LED is pulsing blue”. Adding a second router | AT&T Community Forums Mar 16, 2016 Configuring a Second Router on a Static Network - dummies

Now Router B, when connected to Router A using a network cable, will work as a both a switch (allowing you to use its LAN port to add wired devices to the network) and an access point.

Expand the Range of your Wireless Network with another Router Jul 06, 2015

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Im trying to add a third ip/subnet on my cisco 2600 router, I didnt actually add the second one, Im just curious can i add 1 more to make it three? here's the current config on the router ------- interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address secondary ip address 2 Once you obtain a second base, connect it to your switch/router via ethernet cable, add to account. Sync the cameras that are closest to each base to that base to maximize coverage area. read this thread too; If you are adding a second router, then you do not use this port. You use one of the standard Ethernet ports instead. Before starting out, make sure you know how many devices will be on the subnet. The second is expanding your network by setting up what is known as a LAN to LAN connection. Install the latest firmware an do a factory reset of your router to make sure the new usage takes effect. Log into your router and change its IP address to one which is in the same range as your that of your hub. Find out from your router’s manual to see if it’s possible to use a second wireless router to repeat the wi-fi signal or use it as a bridge. Enable the router's repeater mode Before starting, make a note of the MAC address of both the current (‘primary’) and ‘repeater’ routers. Step 4 On the left-side menu, click Network -> LAN, and change the LAN IP address of the router to avoid the IP address conflict with the TD-W8960N. You need to reboot the router to apply all the settings. Here until, all settings required by WDS function is completed. You can make a simple check by the Ping utility. Adding Second Router to Mesh I already had the Amplifi HD Mesh with two nodes getting passable WiFi to most of my house. But a 200-year-old stone farmhouse is a challenge, since two foot stone walls pretty much kill signals.