Jan 03, 2020

Jun 24, 2015 Countries with the fastest internet in the world | Atlas Taiwan has the fastest broadband in the world overtaking Singapore with an average speed of 85.02Mbps. Yemen has the slowest broadband in the world with an average speed of just 0.38Mbps. It would take over 30 hours to download a 5GB movie file in … Speedtest Awards presented by Ookla Speedtest Awards. Speedtest Awards™, presented by Ookla®, are an elite designation reserved for fixed and mobile providers in a market. Based on consumer-initiated tests and background scans from Speedtest® applications, Speedtest Awards represent real world network performance and the internet speeds and coverage provided to customers.

Jul 01, 2020

Jun 24, 2015

List of countries by Internet connection speeds - Wikipedia

Nov 28, 2018