Jul 13, 2018

Here's how to legally stop paying for your TV licence Feb 24, 2018 Up to 1000 households per day stop paying TV licence Most people DO need a TV licence as the watch live TV broadcasts. So why a blanket levy, if 96% of households already hold a TV licence. Out of the 4% remaining that don't hold a licence, the concessions ie. over 75's, residential/disabled, visually impaired etc, that doesn't leave many that don't pay … Find out how to Legally Avoid the BBC Licence Fee | The

No TV licence is required to watch on-demand programmes via ITV Hub, All 4, My5, Sky Go etc. A TV licence is required if you use any of these services to watch TV programmes being streamed "live" (e.g. as they go out over the airwaves).

Jul 19, 2020 BBC confirms plans to make over-75s pay TV licence fee Jun 10, 2019

Jun 14, 2019

Who has to pay for a TV licence and why do we have it Jun 11, 2019