Hello r/Usenet, I've been away from Usenet for about 10-15 years now and started to explore again. I've reinstalled my old client, Newsbin Pro which i think is still decent and got myself back on a test provider,usenet-farm. Which seems to be a popular choice along with Eweka, which wasn't around back then. It was mostly Newshosting and Giganews.

Advantages of this Usenet provider. More than 150,000 newsgroups. Access over port 119 and with SSL 563; SSL is supported. No cancellation period. Cheap. No data limit. 3800 days retention. Paypal supported; News server settings Eweka World's Best Usenet Provider | Giganews Most Usenet providers are marketing companies that resell third-party service and don't operate Usenet servers. Since 1994, we have operated our own server clusters, managed our global network and wrote 100% of the server software to deliver the most reliable Usenet service. Usenet Newsgroups Access | 14 Day Free Trial | Fast Usenet Looking for a provider that supports GIGABIT Internet speeds, look no further. Web / Mobile Newsreader The Fast Usenet web & mobile newsreaders allow you to easily view and post into the newsgroups directly from your smartphone or web browser. Astraweb Automates DMCA Process - Latest Usenet News Oct 10, 2012

If you want a strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, then look no further than this provider. Newshosting operates multiple US and European server farms and provides access to 120,000 newsgroups.

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Jun 29, 2015 · For our series on DMCA requests, and for additional information about posting and downloading privacy, we send most large providers an email with a number of questions. No distinction was made between providers with their own architecture and “resellers” who merely resell Usenet access under their own name. Here are my updated recommendations for the best Usenet Providers of 2020: Newsdemon is a reliable independent provider with great download speeds.. Newshosting is a large-scale provider with fast servers in US, Netherlands and Germany — this service offers built-in Usenet search and VPN, $7 per month via this link Non-American Usenet Providers? DMCA takedown notices. I wanted to find out if there were any Canadian, Russian, Dutch Usenet providers who allow Canadian access. There are definitely advantages to downloading binaries from the EU — the absence of DMCA takedown requests primary among them and Eweka.nl is our most recommended EU provider. This company has been around for a long time, going online in 2001 and consistently offering top-notch Usenet access since then. Expert Overview: HostPlay has their servers based in Russia and are committed to ensuring quality, reliable, affordable services to all their customers. One of the things that helps set themselves apart is that they ignore DMCA notices, which allows you to operate the type of sites you desire.