When you choose to block a site with Web Safe, or when your Child Safe timer reactivates your block settings, you may have to restart your device before the site or category is blocked. Remember: if you do turn either filter off, you will lose your home network-level protection for that feature.

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Blocking sites : VirginMedia

What site(s) is it- some should be fine (provided you have parental controls off) but some may have issues as Buffer points out I'm a Very Insightful Person , I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

Virgin Media is investigating why it mistakenly blocked customers from visiting Imgur, a platform used to share humorous photos and Gifs.. The UK broadband provider’s users had been shown an alert saying access was denied because of suspected “indecent images of children” on the site. Home routers blocking Netscaler VPN? - NetScaler Gateway