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SOLVED - Auto SSL Failed Domain Control Validation

If you promote a domain controller using the deprecated dcpromo.exe /unattend or upgrade an existing Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller in place to Windows Server 2012, Server Manager still shows the post-deployment configuration task Promote this server to a domain controller. Domain Control Validation (DCV) By. Editorial Team-August 1, 2017. 0. 577. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Domain Control Validation (DCV) 1. Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates. The CA (certificate authority) checks the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name. No company identity information is vetted and no information is displayed other than encryption information within the Secure Site Seal. DV SSL Certificates

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What is Domain Validated SSL Certificate? - DV SSL Certificate A Domain Validated SSL certificate providers including the Certificate Authority such as Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust and GoDaddy offering domain validated (DV) SSL certificates at low cost. A user who wishes to secure his/her website can either go directly to CAs website or they can buy from SSL resellers available.