Windows 7 systems can slow down and need some care and feeding to regain their former glory. Further, some Windows 7 features can be leveraged to improve overall system performance. You can take to boost the performance of your Windows 7 systems by these steps. 1: Disable unnecessary services. 2: Reduce the number of startup items

Jan 05, 2010 · Windows 7 internet connection is suddenly very slow ++Fixed, see final post I've been using Win7 for about 2 months now, and all has been going well until 2 nights ago. I noticed that my browsing speeds were very slow, so I just assumed it was my network, and went on about my business. Optimize Windows. Speed up Windows and make your computer work better. See Speed up your computer at See Speed up your computer and Optimize Windows 7 for better performance at See Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10 at

Mar 05, 2019 · Then i occurred to me: I’m experiencing a slow WiFi internet connection on a laptop! It is well known, that laptops, in order to save energy, have by default, energy-saving power plans in Windows so that the laptop can work on battery longer. 7. In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK. 8. Close Registry Editor. By setting this registry key to 1, Windows 7 will first try to obtain an IP address by using the BROADCAST flag in DHCP Discover packets. If that fails, it will try to obtain an IP address without using the BROADCAST flag in DHCP Discover packets. Method 3. Disable IPv6: Under normal circumstances, Windows 7 easily outperforms Vista and XP. Nevertheless, your computer can still seem too slow from time to time. Most likely it’s an application or a process that’s slowing you down. Windows 7 makes it really easy to find bottlenecks with the help of Resource Monitor. Sep 04, 2009 · same here: windows 7 is booting faster, but she is so slow to build internet connection. It takes a couple of minutes to get internet access after boot. The internet is stable once it gets connected.

May 07, 2010 · Upgrade causing slow browsing, fine internet speed Hi, Recently I upgraded from Windows Vista home basic 32 bit to Windows 7 professional 32 bit. Now however, my browsing speed is very slow and often doesnt work. It seems to especially have trouble with google related stuff (eg Gmail and google maps etc). However when I finally get a page up,

Re: Very slow internet connection with Windows 7 DTRoberts, Ok so I've gone through and disabled all programs from starting up automatically. Unfortunately doing so has disabled almost everything including the graphics card, audio and wifi. It did seem to run very smooth even though I couldn't connect to the internet which was my main issue. Apr 14, 2015 · Windows 7 Toshiba Laptop runs very slow - posted in Windows 7: For the past month so my laptop has been running very slow. Its not just while I use the internet but also doing work on the laptop.