Android is an operating system(OS), whearas Smartphone is a phone with enhanced features beyond making and receiving a call. A Smartphone may or may not run on Android OS.

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Literally, it means "manlike," deriving from the Greek word for "man" and an ending that means "like" or "similar to". In common parlance, it's come to refer primarily to artificial beings that are manlike in form. Dictionary entry overview: What does android mean? • ANDROID (noun) The noun ANDROID has 1 sense:. 1. an automaton that resembles a human being Familiarity information: ANDROID used as a noun is very rare. Aug 09, 2018 · It's time to dig in, as the new version of Android is here. After months of a beta program, Google has released the newest version of the Android operating system, and revealed its new name Mmm agree. You know what. I've just noticed that mi a2 android one is slightly different with nokia android one. In mi a2 the colour accent is teal (same as mi a1) which is the colour accent used in android 7/older While Nokia android one has pixel blue accent colour.

Android Cell Phone: The Android cell phone is a cell phone running the Android OS. A typical Android cell phone is a smartphone with a touch screen interface, multiple connectivity options, Internet browsing capabilities, support for video playback and a camera.

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