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World's Fastest VPN and Privacy Protection | " is a VPN provider that keeps no logs and aims to put safety and security at the top of its priorities." Oct 28, 2019. Mac Sources "I really like’s VPN solution. It’s very easy to use and they have wonderful apps built up to support the service." Mar 31, 2020. How to hide your IP address - Surfshark VPNs mask your IP address, so it’s impossible to link it to your online activity via IP detection. It hides your actual IP address by replacing it with the IP of the VPN server you chose. You can quickly change your location and have unrestricted and fast access to any website by simply changing the server.

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Astar VPN is a best way to protect a private data, or if you want to keep your online activity private from the third parties, with Astar VPN you unlock restricted content in your country. Astar VPN builds a private and secured VPN tunnel to a website you want to get / open / visit Astar VPN works without third party software as an OpenVPN. How to check if VPN is working - VPN test - NordVPN