How to Share Your Hotel's Internet Connection

The hotel's rooftop WET pool is a popular place to congregate on the weekends. Cabanas can be reserved for an additional fee and feature comfortable seating, flat-screen TVs, and plenty of shade. With each hotel and guest often requiring different needs from a hospitality WiFi service, HIS also provides alternative tiered bandwidth options and a billing system that can help to offset costs. Investing in a robust Wi-Fi network is consistently proven to be critical in obtaining satisfied guests and in ensuring that you meet their Disable the wifi on your phone and then restart your Xbox. You're trying to make the Xbox appear on the network as your phone, since you accepted the agreement on your phone. If it's done correctly, the network will assume the Xbox is your phone based on the MAC address. You can't have the wifi active on your phone while the Xbox is active. WiFi now has the potential to open doors to cyber criminals, allow unauthorized entry of privacy hackers and just about every other security nightmare imaginable. Even though a router may provide advanced security features, it still doesn’t translate into protection of the hotel’s or guests’ confidential/personal information.

Jun 01, 2016

While the hotel’s internet setup is crucial for getting the best speed available, there are a few things you can do to improve your hotel Wi-Fi signal strength when what’s being delivered is a far cry from reality. Let’s look at several things you can do to books your wifi signal. Buy a USB Wireless or Long Range Antenna

In the next few years, as the next-generation WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol comes online, public Wi-Fi will have more built-in protections. Until then, many security exploits rely on old, outdated

May 02, 2015 Hotel Wifi Privacy - Spectrum Enterprise